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Articles for Current Volume : (2020) Volume : 05

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1 Research Article : Comparison of interleukin 4 levels in leprosy and non-leprosy patients at Dr. Muhammad Hoesen Palembang General Hospital
(2020) Volume : 05 ,   Issue : 01 (Jan - Mar),   Year: 2020,   Pages:01-09,  
Authors: Fardiah Tilawati Sitanggang, Eddy Mart Salim, Zen Hafy, Fifa Argentina, Nova Kurniati, Ya’kub Rahadiyanto  

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2 Research Article : Nephroprotective effect of mengkudu (Morinda citrifolia) on rats induced by doxorubicin
(2020) Volume : 05 ,   Issue : 02 (Apr - June),   Year: 2020,   Pages:01-07,  
Authors: Rosnizar, I. Nyoman Ehrich Lister, Edy Fachrial, Shahna, Sukirman Lie  

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3 Review Article : Incidence of dengue fever and risk of its transmission to the Afghan travelers to tropical regions: A discussion paper
(2020) Volume : 05 ,   Issue : 03 (Jul - Sep),   Year: 2020,   Pages:01-04,  
Authors: Dr. Tafseera Hashemi  

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4 Research Article : Production of α-amylase(s) by Aspergillus flavus, F7 attacking water hyacinth ground preparation (WHGP) under solid state fermentation
(2020) Volume : 05 ,   Issue : 03 (Jul - Sep),   Year: 2020,   Pages:05-14,  
Authors: Eman I. El-Tabakh, Mostafa M. Abo Elsoud, Marwa S. Salem, Nagwa M. Sidkey  

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